UX,UI • MobileGamingHotHead Games, 2021-2022
Character Design: Dylan Scott
Our team was approached with producing a new casual mobile idle game to follow up Hot Head’s successful Box Office Tycoon.  The concept for Blockbuster Tycoon was born.  The player was put in charge of managing international film festivals and promoting their showings with a wide array of quirky stars. 
As UX lead my role involved designing the games overall interactive language and understand a player’s needs and desired outcome.  A large component of this process is invested in creating a consistent language allowing a player to anticipate their response even before they have interacted with an element.
With the core loop established I worked with the design team to understand the needs of the player. Player and screen flows were refined and primary interactions and screens designed.  With the game’s idle nature, casual target market, and desired short user sessions, the game was crafted to be playable with one hand.  Navigation was gesture-based, supported by secondary tap interactions and main calls to action were accessible within the reach of a user's thumb.
UI Elements

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