Blockbuster Tycoon 
UX, UI, Mobile, Gaming 
HotHead Games, 2021-2022
Character Design: Dylan Scott
As the lead UX designer on the project my role involved designing the games overall interactive language and understand a player’s needs and desired outcome.  A large component of this process was invested in creating a consistent language allowing a player to anticipate their response even before they have interacted with an element.
The Look & Feel
With the game's core loop established I worked with the system's design team to further understand the needs of the player. Screen flows were refined, interactive language established, screen layouts and UI elements designed.  

Taking into account the game’s idle nature, casual target market, and desired short user sessions, I crafted the interactions to be playable on the go and with one hand.  Navigation was gesture-based to require less precise interactions while secondary tap interactions implemented accommodate multiple play styles. All Primary calls to action were made accessible within a comfortable reach of a player's thumb. UI elements were designed to be lighted hearted and take subtle cue's from cinema and the Hollywood walk of Fame.​​​​​​​
UI Elements

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