UX,UI•Mobile, Gaming•HotHead Games, 2021-2022
Character and 3D environment work: DylanScott, Dylan Northup, John Dyer
Working within the discovery team, the team was approached with the task of creating a new casual to mid-core sci-fi hero collector.  The new project would aim to reach a general base and attract both male and females alike. 
As the UX lead my role involved shaping the new IPs interactive language, assisting in establishing the user flow, and building out the foundations for the games design system. 
Tone & Style Exploration
Mood Board
Armed with the knowledge that the team was approaching a casual to mid-core experience within the sci-fi genre, we conducted exploration sessions to help establish a look and feel. This tone and visual approach would not only have to resonate with players but allow for a manageable production cycle for a smaller live ops team.  An illustrative style constructed out of simple geometrical shapes and vibrant colours was chosen.
As the core loop was defined and feature requirements established, I started to assemble player and screen flows.  Questions surrounding player intent and design objectives were placed in the forefront. The sample screen flow above identifies key screens to provide access and progression paths for the player's heroes.  Clear paths were established to level up, ascend, equip, and evolve the hero's special techniques.
With the flow documented, screen wires and prototypes were created to further define and test the interactions of the game. These interactions helped craft, challenge, and evolve the game's design system and player experience.  Each interaction was evaluated to determine if it required unique inputs or could be built upon established interactions with the goal of producing an intuitive and consistent experience.  

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